Dogma Biotech

A cutting-edge yeast platform

A single microorganism

Improving 320 million lives

320 million people suffer from untreated diseases related to the malfunction of glycosylated proteins. We developed a gamechanging, gene-edited microorganism to produce highly complex, glycosylated proteins to be used as the basis for new therapeutics.

Bringing realms together

Glyco-sylation + Efficiency

Market available technologies fail at generating human-adequate glycosylation alongside industrial-level efficiency. We've hacked a microorganism (yeast) to bring together the best of both worlds, enabling Pharma to pursue the development of novel, protein-based therapeutics.


fast-paced validation

As an emerging startup, we possess a functional prototype that demonstrates our platform's capabilities. We have successfully validated the production of four enzymatic proteins, with one of them being licensed to a prominent pharmaceutical company. They have rigorously evaluated our protocols at a pre-industrial scale and are currently advancing the protein through clinical trials.

Let's build a glycosylated future

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Our scientific team has over 15 years of expertise in the area of glyco-engineering. While deeply entrenched in our field, we are non-conformists. We've challenged the fundamental paradigms of glyco-engineering, and the breaking of that paradigm has lead to a technology that efficiently addresses the main challenge in protein-based therapeutics production: attaining human-equivalent glycosylation alongside heightened, industrial level productivity.